It’s so easy to ruminate on the things in life that aren’t exactly the way we would like them to be. In fact I used to kind of be an expert in this… assessing my life in terms of what hadn’t happened yet, or what I didn’t own yet, or where I hadn’t been. There is a saying that life is about the journey, and I used to interpret that as “collect as much crap as you can before you die.” But having kids, and being a wife and now a business owner, has made me realize that the thing that makes life amazing, is just being alive…Allow me to explain….

The other day Mr. Wright and the two kids took a trip to Petco. We were standing in line at the checkout and Tiny starts talking to me. She wasn’t saying anything totally thought provoking, just asking questions about the surroundings, and Baby Giant was safely tethered to Mr. Wright’s back and we were just there spending money on dog food. I stood there and looked at my little family and at my protruding belly, (how could I not, it like obstructs my vision!) and I was just SO happy! Just being alive in that moment with my babies and the love of my life, and knowing that I have the rest of my life to spend with these amazing people- it just… made me brim over with joy in that second. I finally realized what HAPPY really means and it has nothing to do with the stuff you have in your house. Since I found this feeling, I have been able to recognize it a few more times, this complete euphoric calm of just being grateful for the people in my life.

Like this morning when Baby Giant woke up groggy and laid down on my leg with his head on my belly while I stroked his hair. It maybe lasted 5 minutes but it was the most amazing 5 minutes and I was present for every one of them.

Or tonight when I put Tiny to bed and she told me how clever I am. My three year old thinks her mommy is clever! How lucky am I?

Or when Mr. Wright and I were watching t.v and the character was talking about how much he loved his wife at first sight and he reached for my hand with tears in his eyes, and the most genuine smile.. HOW can anything ever top that? I honestly don’t think it could, and you know what is so crazy? I don’t want anything to! As I sit here ready to pop with baby #3 I keep thinking that it is going to be really hard for this baby to come into our lives and possibly make me any happier than I already am, but I have been around the block enough to know, that historically that is exactly what happens, and I can’t wait to meet the newest piece of my heart



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One thought on “Happiness is…….Or what life is really about…

  1. I love you!

    Posted on September 19, 2015 at 3:58 pm