Okay, so let me start by saying: This was NOT my idea. I didn’t push her, mention it, I didn’t make her watch videos about it.. nothing. I had NOTHING to do with making Tiny potty train.

One day she quietly said, “Potty mom, I want to go potty.” and to be honest at that moment I was kinda sad! I had just ordered up a cute stash of new cloth diapers for her and I wasn’t even gonna get to use them! Boo hoo #crunchymomproblems right? Anyway, listening to the wishes of my almost three-nager, I took off her diaper and put her on the potty. And she liked it! For about 30 seconds! And then she wanted to wipe and “all done Mom!”

Okay so this part was more about getting acquainted with the potty itself, I get that. I mean the thing is huge and it’s not like we had ever really done a dry run! Plus, maybe we would need to get her one of those little seats to go in right? Those look fun!

We got the seat and it even came with stickers! I was excited! Tiny was… not so much….

The next time we put her on the potty you would have thought there were burning hot coals under there. She did NOT want to sit down! “No mama, no potty!!! No potty Mah!!” over and over again…… “all done mah! All done!!!” We even tried to make it a routine, after meal time and right when she wakes up from a nap or in the morning…. same thing! always a huge struggle…. except when it isn’t.

Every once in a while, when the moon is low, and the crickets are…. no really I have no idea why.. but every once in while when you put Tiny on the potty she is totally OK with it! Like, yeah Mom! let’s go potty now! And she marches right in there and does her thing, asks to be wiped, and then goes about her day. I would say this happen about 20% of the time. The other 80% is about as well received as when she is having her hair brushed. (the neighbors probably think I beat my kids when they hear this sound, No neighbors, just a hairbrush and a snarly 2 year old, nothing to see here)

Mr. Wright and I have different views about this potty training thing also. In my experience it seems like the best thing to do is that whole pee reward thing right? Tiny pees and she gets a candy? It worked for that parrot and his crackers? But Mr. Wright says no, that is just gonna turn her into a sugar junky….back to the drawing board..

We tried the sticker thing! They come conveniently with the potty, two sheets of them, and that sort of worked, until she realized all she had to do was peel them back off the potty and she could have stickers any old time! No pee necessary!

Then there was the “big girl” tactic. Big girls get to flush, big girls get to pick out their very own diaper! But apparently big girls forget they are big girls when they are immersed in play and take huge dumps that their pregnant mommy has to change. Which just goes to show you that inside every big girl.. is a lot of POOP! Peee you!!!!!!!!!

So where are we now? We are in that place where Tiny sometimes uses the potty and sometimes has to be dragged to it kicking and screaming. We can’t really just forget about it now, because the habits are being reinforced and she is old enough to know this is the way it goes, I think to simply abandon it at this point would constitute a regression.

So for now, we just kind of wing it. Some days Tiny will go an entire day without a wet diaper. She will tell us she needs the potty and we will take her and we will talk of magical things like training pants and underwear, and dance around the garden of make believe…..

And other days, we will wonder to ourselves why an almost 3 year old who can’t handle having dirty hands for even a second, will have no issue with having a load the size of Milwaukee that stinks to high heaven, only a few feet from her nose? I still don’t get it. but hey, I guess that is all part of having a three-nager right? They don’t call it terrible for nothing!



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