When last you left me, I was a few days into what would prove to be one of the most challenging and enlightening months of my young life. I had no idea how hard it was going to be, and looking back now, it is hard to believe I made it through relatively unscathed!

If you recall, (or if you are just tuning in,) I am very fortunate to have a husband who shares, if not sometimes bares the load of child rearing. Having someone who can change a particularly rancid diaper when the very thought of it causes you to run for the bathroom is very convenient, and as this mom would learn, easily taken for granted.

When I first conceived of this trip it SEEMED like a great idea! Mr. Wright would be away with the Army at LDAC, and I would travel home to Boston, with Tiny. We would stay with my best friend, and my mom and we would do all the Boston things I missed so much, visit the people I missed.. it would be glorious…Then, as if that wasn’t wonderful enough, Mr. Wright would join us there for another 10 days of relaxing, and sightseeing, and visiting. It was gonna be AWESOME….

As the wise person would have warned me, it wasn’t  a week before I missed my home, and my dog, and of course my husband.

Here we were, Tiny and me, in Boston- with no Mr. Wright/Daddy. He was 3000 miles away (might as well have been  a light year away) with no contact for the next 30 days. That meant every diaper change, every meal, every nightmare, every boo boo.. ok ok you get the idea- was on me. Which at first blush didn’t seem like such a big deal…

I mean Mr. Wright goes off every day to school and I watch her right? How hard is one little month going to be?


I was doing okay until day 3, when Tiny refused to sleep due to what was first thought to be separation anxiety, but after her ear turned bright red and she started to pantomime being on the phone most of the day, it was discovered to be an ear infection- a bad one.

The next thing I underestimated was how much schlepping would be involved with this visit.  Every time we changed sleeping quarters or went on an extended visit, along with Tiny I had to bring ( and most of the time carry:)

the pack and play, extra clothes, a bathing suit, sunscreen, a portable high chair, extra diapers, a stroller, the car seat, and whatever else she or I needed for that particular activity. Add to that a pregnant mama and a 5 day heatwave and you have one unhappy camper!

Tiny was also in rare form during the trip. She missed her daddy, she missed her bed, and her room and morphed into something of a crabby little creature over the course of our trip. I can’t honestly blame her though..Living on a couch and our of suitcases gets old really fast. It is nice to have a few days of not keeping house, but after week 4 I was ready to get home and mop my floors, do our laundry and be domestic again! I fantasized about kneeling on my hands and knees scrubbing my kitchen floor. I had a dream about de-scumming the shower! I was so excited to get away from my mundane little Army wife life, and I found myself longing for the most mundane things of all!

Not to mention how much I missed Mr. Wright. Sure the letters helped, but nothing could prepare me for how much I would long for his company. Deployments are one thing, but 28 days without contact was almost unbearable.

Luckily, earlier in this process I realized that if I was this miserable surely other spouses must be in the same boat as me? I created a group for others like me, and voila! I had an instant community of other women to commiserate with. Over the course of the month, several ladies joined, and then left as their spouses returned home.It was a great place to let off steam about the folks who just didn’t get it, “30 days IS a long time!!” We joked about our “cadets” and talked incessantly about our lives and families and what we wanted to do when “the boys came home” We even created a group to stay in touch after the training was over!

Like all things, the month did end and Mr. Wright returned and then flew to Boston to be with us. We spent the next ten days in vacation mode, staying with friends, family, and in a few hotels:P We visited people we missed last time, and got to take in a few cool sights!

It was a really great visit, one that left me wanting more but also made me realize where I really belong: with my husband and my daughter in Georgia.

At the end of ten days it was time to go home, and looking back (don’t tell those haters) it really did fly by… Before I knew it I was sitting next to Mr. Wright on a plane, Tiny nestled in his lap as we lifted off for home. I remember being kind of sad because I knew I would miss everyone, but something inside me had changed from the last visit:

The last time the plane lifted off from Boston, I cried like a baby because I was homesick… This time, I breathed a small sigh of contentment, because I was going home…

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